Jauna rubrika – “Stāsta skolas brīvpratīgie.”

“Hello, I am Emine, I came to work at Ikšķiles Brīvā skola from Turkey. I have studied real estate development and management at Ankara University.I worked in the field of construction and real estate valuation. I choose Latvia, because it is a country intertwined with nature and I believe that its people are very warm. It has a different culture and schools have a very good education system.

My first feelings about this school: the people, the children are very friendly, there is a very good education system, It is very nice to be with them in this school. It gives me new experiences.

The children here are very different. They are free-spirited, they learn new things easily without any pressure, so their imagination runs perfectly. It is a very nice and wonderful experience to know them.

My future plans are always to meet new people, new experiences. And learning how people can live in healthier homes.”

“Hi, my name is Hannah and I’m volunteering at Ikšķiles Brīvā skola. One of my tasks is to support teachers in their activities with kids.

Once a month the 1., 2. and 3. Grades are going to the library. There a new book is introduced to them. They get infos about the author and what the book is about. With games and videos they learn more about the topic.

I participated two times and it was really funny. Because the activities were in latvian I couldn’t understand it but the kids and teachers explained it to me. They practice english and I get to know the latvian language, a win-win situation. “