September and October, 2015


First September – First day of school (01.09.2015)
In whole Latvia school starts on the 1st September, so in Ikšķiles Brīvā Skola as well. Children, parents and teacher gathered together. The first day was celebrated with songs and dances, we made fire and had a delicious buffet. Children had the possibility to ride horses. It was a beautiful and warm day and we wished each other the best for the following school year.

Sport’s day (03.09.2015)
In the first school week, sport’s day took place. Main organizer was our sport’s teacher Benita. The class was acting as a team and did different tasks in the garden. The activities were very funny and crazy – for example one was to transport a person on a skateboard and carry as many balls as possible into a basket.

Excursion (04.09.2015)
At the last day of the first week, the whole school went together on excursions. Two busses were provided. Our first stop was a spiritual hill in the countryside where children, teacher and parents gained new energy and where we had a beautiful view over Latvia’s forests. Afterwards we splitted the groups, the younger children visited the zoo and the older ones went to an adventure park nearby Sigulda.

Foto un arī šeit
Japanese delegation visits our school (09.09.2015)
It was a pleasure to welcome Japanese students in our school. Evija told them the principle of our school, the Japanese sang songs for us in Japanese and Latvian. After this the students did a workshop with the children where they learned how to fold Origami. We spend time together outside and it was definitely a good occasion to meet young people from a country far away.

Vegetable day (23.09.2015)
On this day every class represented a fruit or a vegetable and created or cooked something out of it. We had apples, red beet, carrots, potatoes and pumpkin. For example, preschool cooked red beet pancakes and the kindergarden painted the seeds of the apples. Finally the classes showed their results to the other or let them taste the vegetables.


Olympic day (25.09.2015)
In the morning of this Friday, the whole school gathered outside together to make some physical workout. It was Olympic day and the aim was to do sport and focus on physical activity. We had a special guest who showed us what to do, Olympian participant in walking – Agnese Pastare.



Last harvest day (01.10.2015)
Autumn is harvest time, in Ikšķiles Brīvā Skola the 1st October was the day where the children finally harvested all the vegetables out of their own garden. Out of the ingridients we cooked a delicious vegetable soup over bonfire in the garden and ate it outside.
Teacher’s day (02.10.2015)
On this special day, pupils turn into the teacher’s role and organise the day for the teachers and thank them for their effort. In our school, children made a photo orientation, baked a cake for them and gave them selfmade cards.


Parent’s meeting (21.10.2015)
In the evening of this Wednesday the parents were invited to have a meeting with the teachers. The European volunteers Leon and Johanna cooked dishes from their country and served potatoe Puffer and apple Strudel to parents and teachers.
Restaurant night (23.10.2015)
In the evening, Ikšķiles Brīvā Skola turned into a restaurant. Parents, children and also people from outside were invited. The menu was very tasty. Our cooks Liene and Irina prepared typical autumn dishes, like the „autumncoat”. It was a great atmosphere, children and volunteers were waiters. At the end of this dinner, everybody seemed full and happy.



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