November 2015

Martiņdiena 13.11.2015

Martins Day symbolically opens the door to the winter. Symbols of this day are fire and light – in Latvian uguns un gaisma. The celebration of this day started with a concert of two Lithuanian musicians. Afterwards the market opened and children were very motivated to sell their self made crafts and food. In 2. saime a cafe took place where parents, pupils and teachers enjoyed tasty food and coffee. This busy and successful day was completed with a sleepover in school, in which older children participated.


Latvijas dzimšanas diena Ikšķiles Brīvajā skolā 17.11.2015

Though the actual birthday of Latvia is on November 18th, we celebrate in school the day before. For this day we planned an excursion to the river Daugava. Weeks before children have constructed little floats and ships out of wood. When we arrived at the river we let them swim. After coming back to school we celebrated Latvia’s birthday with a tasty and beautiful cake which was prepared by our chefs Liene and Irina.


Ekskursija uz Laimas Muzeju Rīgā 27.11.2015

Laima is the popular sweet and chocolate brand of Latvia. Its museum, where you can learn about history, formation of Laima and probably the most exciting thing – creating your own chocolate pralines, is very worth to visit. Our guide showed us the way from the cacao bean to the final chocolate. In this museum there are several interactive activities especially for children where they can take pictures with huge sweets or play in a movie clip. The last part of the excursion in this museum was the chocolate factory, where children could create and fill their own pralines with a big variety of ingredients. After this day in the Laima museum we drove back happy and full with chocolate and new knowledge.