Rubrika – Stāsta skolas brīvprātīgie

Hello. I am Emine @emine_kurtarann volunteer at @brivaskola, today is my 36th day here. My feelings are developing and changing a little more every day. In March we celebrated the arrival of spring. We did nature walks, rituals, songs and games, which was a very interesting experience.

My communication with children develops more and more. I usually am with Theodor, it excites me. I have observed that he has a very high interest in sounds – maybe he turns to art and puts his energy into music. If I could play some kind of instrument, I would definitely teach him. This is a big shortcoming for me, but maybe we will figure it out. In general, children have certain abilities and discovering this at an early age is of course a key to their success.

I`m developing my language skills and hope that soon I will understand better. Let`s see what awaits us – I’m waiting with excitement!